Response Centre #1701

Home of April, Lora, and Moon, Department of Mary-Sues, Sci-Fi Division

Dif-tor heh smusma.

Welcome to Response Centre #1701, Department of Mary-Sues, Sci-Fi and Steampunk Division.  This is a spin-off of the authorized spin-off at Response Centre #24601, but Agent Tomato (the author of both) has chosen to give it its own website because otherwise things could get confusing.  Our residents:

April Halloway (and daemon, Fitch): A former chemistry student at the Jordan College of His Dark Materials, April has been with the PPC for thirteen years.  She has worked in four different departments--Sufficiently Advanced Technology, Implausible Crossovers, Floaters, and Mary-Sues--and has outlived three partners.  Her preferred weapons are a nasty probe-like thing and a revolver with explosive silver bullets.

Lora Riker: The semi-fic blip 'daughter' of Star Trek's Lore, Lora is a Soong-type android still trying to figure out the complexities of humans and the PPC.  She has extensive knowledge of the continua that she and her partners frequent and a flawless memory for charges, as is to be expected from an android agent.  Unlike the canonical Soong-type androids, Lora's skin is made of something silvery.

Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata: Moon, as he prefers to be known, was born of bad punctuation in a Firefly/Harry Potter crossover and rescued by Agents Maria Falcone and Crispin Reed.  After a brief period of intense flower-related paranoia, Moon is much better adjusted now.  Any rumors you have heard about him being the founder of a "Flower Paranoia Society" are completely ridiculous.  Oh, and he has a lightsaber.

Davos: April's Mini-Reaper (from the Doctor Who continuum), adopted from Tawaki.

Lenard McCoy: Moon's Mini-Tribble (from the Star Trek continuum), also adopted from Tawaki.

Dr. Cane: A Mini-Bat (from the Batman continuum), who doesn't really belong to anyone but likes scaring Moon.

The Batman Beings: Shadowy creatures that look something like Batman and, along with Dr. Cane, like scaring Moon.